HexChess 360

Play 3 different variants of 6-way (hexagonal or hex) chess against a computer or another player. This was my first project for the XBox 360 and XBLA.

Playable types: Glinski, McCooey, Shafran.

Uses min-max and a guestimated board value for decision making.

Hex Chess

Masters of Influence

Collect resources, build towers, attack your enemies, and expand your influence. My second project for XBox 360 and XBLA.

Uses GPU instancing, trees, and particle systems.

Masters of Influence

Murder for Dinner

A simple adventure discovery game created to test level loading, text input, and an adventure game framework. Game is oriented around a first person perspective, with interior and exterior components, and even triggers.

My third release for XBox 360 and XBLA. Has its issues.

Utilizes BEPUPhysics.

Characters by my sister, writing by my mom.

Murder for Dinner


Record and playback with multiple cameras in one interface. Take snapshots and draw to show problems in physical therapy applications.

Record, playback, and analyze images from videos for use in physical therapy applications.

Uses Microsoft Encoder and DirectShow.Net.

You will need Microsoft Encoder installed